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The Robust Programme

The Robust programme has been designed for young athletes 11 - 17 years old who wish to follow a safe, effective, individualised training programme. 

Who we are

The Robust Programme has been designed by sports medicine clinic ‘Physio Inverness’ - run by Fiona Houston, Chartered Physiotherapist. Fiona formerly worked full time with ICTFC, and now the clinic provides services for Sport Scotland, the SRU and Highland Rugby FC as well as seeing private clients. We already work with young athletes, Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes.

We have a team of 3 physiotherapists, a fully UKSCA accredited strength and conditioning coach and a sports nutritionist. We have access to two clinical rooms as well as our own well equipped gym including treadmill with running assessment technology.

Robust Programme Content

Programmes will be individualised to each athlete based on their needs, and these will be developed and changed over time as necessary.

Athletes will be taught fundamental movements, likely starting with mostly bodyweight exercises and will be progressed to using free weights as we feel they are competent to do so and ready for this.

Strengthening takes time to achieve, but you will normally see and feel a difference within 2 - 6 weeks of starting a programme in terms of ability to perform the exercises as well as in your own sports specific performance. Monitors will be put in place to track your progress on the programme.

Athletes will set personalised goals in relation to sports specific goals and strength training goals.

What Athletes will follow on the Robust Programme

Athletes will have 4 sessions in total to complete per week with a mix of supervised and unsupervised sessions.

  1. Session 1: Coached strengthening session at our physio gym. (max 2 athletes : 1 coach). Preferred time for this session to be requested by athlete.
  2. Session 2 personalised home strength / mobility / agility sessions
  3. Session 3 personalised home strength / mobility / agility sessions
  4. Session 4 Group session: Outdoor session focusing on speed, agility and plyometrics (or zoom, weather permitting)

Progress Testing Days

Every month we will run a progress testing day. This is an optional extra, but ideally if athletes could participate in a testing day once they start the programme, and every 3 - 6 months thereafter would be recommended but not essential.

Sports Physiotherapy Testing - Athletes to complete biomechanical screening and muscle activation testing with sports physiotherapist.

Strength Testing - Athletes will complete a series of tests to assess their power performance.

Sports Nutrition - Sports Nutrition advice in relation to fuelling for training, recovery and hydration. (Individual personalised nutrition appointments available upon request).

(There will be an additional charge for the Progress Testing Day TBC)

Costs and Benefits of The Robust Programme

£15 per week

10% Discount on any additional physiotherapy or coached strength sessions.

Full use of personalised training App with interactive coach support.

Payment terms

Payable monthly in advance by 28th of month.

1 months notice to cancel please.

If joining middle of a month - please pay for remainder of month and following month as initial payment.

Interested in joining - Please get in touch!

We are recruiting athletes at the moment - if you would like to join the programme then please email Fiona Houston on fiona@physioinverness.com or call on 07470639020 if you would like to discuss any aspect of the programme.